Why Not Us? is dedicated to fighting back against a culture that has normalized sexual and domestic violence. As an organization we work to create preventative programming across our campus to enact real change. This work takes place in many forms, including campus visuals, campus dialogues, collaboration with other campus organizations, campus-wide events, and educational programming. 

Throughout the course of the year we will work to create a campus that is inclusive of all people's, and ensure that violence cannot find a place on our campus. Preventative efforts instead of reactionary efforts can ensure the safety and inclusion of all people's within our campus, local, national, and global community. 

We avidly strive to bring about Consent Culture, and dismantle Rape Culture.

OUR History and values

In the Fall of 2017 Why Not Us? was passed as a student organization on Allegheny College's campus through Allegheny Student Government. Our original constitution can be found under the materials page on this website. Our organization's vision, which is to disrupt the culture of sexual and domestic violence on Allegheny College's campus. Sexual violence is occurring on college campuses across the nation, and is not unique to Allegheny. However, unlike many other institutions, Allegheny has a progressive Title IX framework, one that not only adheres to federal guidelines, but also to well known best-practices. Our founders worked closely with Allegheny College's Title IX coordinator, other administrators and student entities to create an organization that could have substantive change. 

As aforementioned, we have four main pillars, which align with the national It's On Us campaign. These pillars include; Educate, Engage, Empower, and Collaborate. Unlike the national It's On Us campaign, we seek to incorporate domestic violence programming into our calendar of events, as well as take on a variety of different national campaigns.


Title IX is a challenging process and topic for many individuals; as an organization we seek to educate students on Allegheny's Title IX framework, and push back against national threats to this framework.