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Why Not Us held the Allegheny Title IX Conference in the Tippie Alumni Center on Saturday, April 7.

The conference started with speakers from the Audrie Pott Foundation, named after a fifteen-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted and committed suicide in 2012. Lawrence Pott, her father, Sheila Pott, her mother, and Lisa Pott, her step-mother, all spoke to different aspects of how assault and bullying can affect someone’s life .

While Lawrence Pott sp...

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Why Not Us? has four core pillars. These are as follows:


Educate the Allegheny College community members about the sexual violence and rape culture that affects all members of this community.

Engage members of the Allegheny College community through campus-wide events, discussions, and collaborative efforts. Why Not Us?  will work with Allegheny College administrators to ensure that our campus community can best support survivors of sexual violence, and work to end rape culture. 

Empower those in our community to work to end rape culture, step up when they witness instances of injustice, and to support survivors of sexual violence. 

Collaborate with other campus organizations to influence campus policy and climate with the goal of ending rape culture. 



WNU Leadership Team:

Co-President: Anna Meyer

Co-President: Tage Boggs

Public Relations: Madi Sherman
Attorney General: Amelia Rockwell
Treasurer: Kiley Hewitt
Event Coordinator: Maggie Rhodes 
Co-Advisors: Gilly Ford & Emma Highland

Meeting Times & Location, Fall 2019

Where: Tippie Parent Library

When: Every Friday, 1:45 - 2:45 pm