Title IX Myths and Misconceptions: What we've heard on campus

The section is not intended to single anyone out, quotes are paraphrased to preserve anonymity of the speakers. If you have Title IX questions please see "Title IX at Allegheny" under the members tab or send us an email at whynotus@allegheny.edy so we can find an answer for you. 

​Title IX is only for women, I can't go the the Title IX office! 

False, everyone is protected under Title IX. 

I'm a faculty member, and it wasn't even that bad. I don't want to go to the police and the Title IX office is only for students. 

False, Title IX includes all members of the Allegheny community.

Title IX is a policy enacted to support victims/survivors of sexual violence:

False. While Title IX is often thought of as a 'sexual assault' legislation, it was actually protects against gender based discrimination. This means is covers cases from disputes over sports and equal access to education as well as sexual and gendered violence. 

Allegheny has a designated Title IX officer:

True! Her name is Gilly Ford, her information can be found under "Title IX at Allegheny". 

I'm so frustrated that Allegheny keeps sweeping allegations under the rug, why do they do this? 

False. While this is the perception of many, Allegheny is quite progressive in their IX policy. This misconception comes from a lack of understanding of the role IX plays in the reporting process. While it comes off as harsh to victims, IX must provide equally to both sides. This often creates the fasad that the school is not on the side of the complainant or does not want to take action, but really they are required to act under federal regulations and not show preference to either side.  

I'm terrified to go into the Title IX office and talk about what happened to me... I wish that I could have someone with me. Can I have an a chosen support person with them through all meetings?

True! A community support person not involved with the case may be present throughout. (Why Not Us? members frequently serve in this role, just reach out!)

Allegheny allows mediation between complainant and respondents in minor cases. 

False, mediation is not only discouraged but is strictly forbidden. Allegheny does not take this approach as productive nor healthy for the survivor. 

Allegheny has to protect both the complainant and respondent from retaliation. 


Reporting to the Title IX office will be scary and difficult. 

True and false. Anytime someone decides to tell their story it will be scary and can be difficult to recall. However, out IX coordinator is very understanding and gentle in her approach and looks out for the emotional well being of people who choose to speak with her. All complainants have the option to take their story as slowly as they want, with a support person if they choose, and will receive full information about the process and counseling while in the office. If you are looking for a support person, members of WNU are willing to help out. You may also consider a close friend, RA, or faculty member. 

No one will understand me, there aren't any groups or support networks on campus. 

False! We (WNU) are available and ready to help! The counseling center, spiritual and religious life, residence life, and many other options are available to help you through. 

Once you report to the Title IX office and investigation will occur:

False. You are able to report and request for documentation, but no investigation to occur. This is contingent on if there is no risk to anyone if an investigation is not called upon. (Ex. Reporting harassment may be able to be documented without proceeding to further review). Additionally, no information will be shared with the police unless you consent. 

Allegheny never removes people from campus once a report is filed, they just change their housing! 

False. Federal IX standards require equal treatment of both sides. Until someone is found guilty of violating the school's non-discriminatory policy, no sanctions will be put in place. However, room changes and no-contact orders among other safety precautions may be taken immediately. 

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